About Us

Japanese tax accountant will explain to you about Japanese tax and legal system in English.

We can provide any kind of Japanese tax services in English through Skype / LINE / Teams / WhatsApp with reasonable price, even though we are apart from each other.

Our service quality is based on over 8 years of international experience at Ernst & Young (EY).

You can ask us readily and we will answer it rapidly.

Why choose KAYANO office?

1. We are focusing on foreign companies and individuals.

We can provide variety of tax services e.g. individual income tax return, corporate income tax return, payroll, bookkeeping and incorporation.


2. We have a lot of experience in international business.

Takaaki Kayano had worked at Ernst & Young (EY)  in Tokyo and Düsseldorf (Germany) for a lot of international clients.


3. We can handle all correspondence with you in English.

The Japanese tax and accounting system is very complex and updated frequently. We will explain the procedures you should do simply in English.

Service Line

1. Tax Treatment for Expats in Japan


2. Tax and Accounting for Foreign companies


3. Support for foreigners doing business in Japan


4. Tax Agent Service


5. Lump-sum withdrawal payment claim


KAYANO International tax and accounting office

1-10-11-908 Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku

Tokyo 141-0022, Japan

Email: info@kyno-office.com

Office Tel: +81 50-7123-4333

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Please contact us through the inquiry form, TEL, E-mail, LINE or WhatsApp.


TEL:+81 50-7123-4333

E-mail: info@kyno-office.com

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We are listed on FSA's website (List of Foreign Language-Friendly Certified Tax Accountants).


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